• My name is Rhian
  • I live in Scotland
  • but would rather live in London…..or LA…..or NYC 
  • am fuelled on coffee
  • and heart all things FASHION
  • was studying a dullsville degree
  • until something awful happen (dun dun dun)
  • I suffered a massive brain haemorrhage…..sucked!!
  • and was in a coma for a long time
  • then I woke up
  • had to learn to read, write, walk and talk again
  • exhausted just thinking about it
  • made it back to University where a new and exciting degree had started
  • I am now a Fashion Management Graduate (hurray)
  • who blogs about fashion……and sometimes food! :)
  • and organises charity fundraising balls for Momentum who helped me get back on my feet
  • I owe them a lot

In short: I'm a fashion blogging, fundraising, food loving, caffeine fiend who is never to be found too far away from her MacBook, iPad or iPhone and would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment, drop me an email or tweet me baby. 


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  1. Hey Rhian!

    You sound like a hot chick - let's do lunch - baby!