Monday, 13 May 2013


Hola Amigos! Recipe time!  

I realise that most Mexican dips come in layers and this particular dip is no exception. You might have noticed by now that my recipes are simple. Extremely tasty but simple. I can promise you however that this Mexican dip is full of flavour and like most dips it's difficult to stop eating.

This dip has been in popular demand in our household since my Mum made it years ago and has always been perfect when entertaining guests, especially as it's so quick and easy to make! The best thing about it is that you make most of the decisions when making this dip. You decide how hot you want the salsa and the refried beans, how much cheese you want over the sour cream and lastly how you'd like to garnish it! It's fun & delicious & something, believe me, you've got to try! Below is the recipe & method. Enjoy! :) xXx

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